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Why is it important to hire an artist for special occasions?

When it comes to big events, the last thing you should be worrying about is making sure your hair and makeup looks good. An artist's experience and knowledge creates a stress-free environment and ensures you'll look your absolute best, in real life and on camera! So put your mind at ease and hire a professional artist. It will save you time and energy and most of all, it's fun to be pampered, you deserve it! 

What do you charge?

Rates are dependent on the nature of the event you're getting ready for - a wedding, formal dance, photoshoot etc.


Please click the "Contact" button, so I can send you a personalised quote!

Do you travel out?

Yes! Travel out is available at an additional fee to:

  • Groups of a minimum of three (3) makeup clients

  • Groups of a minimum of two (2) hair & makeup clients


Should your party be smaller, I can accommodate you at my home salon in Morningside, or my salon space in Kloof!

How long does a makeup application take?

I allocate 1 hour for a makeup application.

It may take less time, depending on the look, but the hour allocated per person ensures exceptional application without any need to rush.

What brand of products do you use?

I only use tried and trusted favourites in my kit to ensure it's performance is up to standard. Some examples of brands that I keep in my kit are MAC, Kryolan, Morphe, NARS, INGLOT, Smashbox, Clarins, Jouer, Violet Voss, RCMA, Cover FX, Stila, Haus Laboraties and Anastasia Beverley Hills.

Do I need a bridal trial?

I want my brides to feel comfortable and secure with me on their wedding day. Think of your trial as a security blanket - you already know you’re going to love the end result because of our prep together. All you have to do on the morning of your special day is sip your champagne and let the magic happen. 

I'm not sure how to choose a makeup/hair look. Can you help?

Of course! Click the Pinterest icon at the bottom on this page to browse my inspo boards for your hair and makeup look. Once you've picked a few, we can take inspiration from each photo to enhance your best features and suit your overall look. We'll also take into account what you'll be wearing to ensure your final result in cohesive and flattering.

Can I hire you for partial hair/makeup services? Eg. just eyes, or foundation

In order to represent my work as an artist and for your look to be finished and cohesive, makeup and hair will need to be done by me from start to finish. This also ensures the look will last all day. 

Where can I read reviews from your past clients?

Click the "Testimonials" tab at the top of this page!

How can I secure my wedding date with you?

The booking of the event is reserved once the client has paid their deposit amount which will be included in your quote. Please note that arranging a trial does not automatically reserve my services for the event.

How long before my wedding should I have a trial?

I encourage you to book your trial a maximum of 2 months before your big day, 1 month prior is ideal. If you book your trial too far away from your wedding day, you may find different inspiration images, and change your mind on how you’d like your hair and makeup to look. This will result in a loss on your behalf in having to book a second trial months later.

How can I prep for my trial?

  • Please refrain from wearing makeup products on the day of the trial. Prep your skin as you usually would with the products you use regularly.

  • Please arrive with clean, dry hair.

  • It's always a good idea to wear white to your trial (given your dress is white) to get a more whole illusion of what your hair and makeup will look like on the day!

  • Please bring your hair and makeup inspiration photos.

  • Please bring photos of wedding attire for your bridal party. 

  • Please bring any photos you may have of decor, flowers, etc. This helps me visualize the overall feel of your wedding day so that we produce a cohesive look together.

What should I expect on the day of the wedding/special event?

A full timeline of your day will be emailed to you in advance, taking into account the numbers in your party and logistics of your day. I always allocate sufficient time to arrive, set up, and I am always on time. You can expect a calm, relaxing getting ready session.

What do I need to prepare for you on location, the day of the event?

Please make sure to designate an area that has the best natural light - the best spot would be in front of  a window. Please ask the venue staff if a bar stool can be provided. For hair styling, a regular-height chair is perfect. 

Any other questions?

Click the "Contact" tab or simply email me on

I will be happy to answer any and all questions.


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